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Product Description

l Comes with 4 steam settings for greater steam precision and control
l Relaxes cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, linen, polyester fibers to remove wrinkles
l No risk of damage to clothes and designed for ultimate safety
l Creates steam within 45 seconds!
l Big 1.9L water tank for hours of continuous steam
l Features 6 design patent innovations
The SALAV GS29-BJ garment steamer. For those of you who’ve never experienced the wonders of garment steamers, say hello looking your best with next to no effort and a sanitized living environment resulting in better health. For those of you familiar garment steamers, let us introduce you to one of the most innovative and well-built clothing steamers available. The SALAV GS29-BJ has four steam settings for precision control based on the fabric you’re using it on. Silks, cottons, cashmeres, linens, wools, nylons and synthetics, the GS29-BJ will get the wrinkles out quickly and easily without risk of damage to your precious garments (as compared to traditional irons). But this steam cleaner also does double duty as a home and office sanitizer and sterilizer. Just aim the nozzle and hose at items and surfaces for a truly clean and healthy environment without hassle and especially without toxic chemicals. Best of all, it is easy peasy breezy to setup and use. Get yours right away!
From the beginning, we sought to create a brand that embodied France's passion for excellence, be it for fashion or just living life to the fullest. Drawing inspiration from the Seine River, the name SALAV means "That's Life!" and expresses our commitment to quality when it comes to living. But what does this have to do with steam? Throughout history, steam has been essential to the development of mankind. In the beginning, steam was harnessed towards running factories or powering vessels to transport people and goods across long distances. Recently however we are seeing steam be put to use more and more for improving our daily lives. For example, steam neutralizes harmful bacteria like e-coli with a 99% sterilization rate. It can also destroy mites and their eggs which can otherwise survive for months inside carpeting. What's more, it does wonders at removing odors and stains from most materials. Which leads us to our purpose here at SALAV. To dedicate our time and energy to bringing you the finest steam products to help you live a better life.
Industry Categories: Clothing Steaming / Garment Steamer / Fabric Steamer
Main Function: Sterilize, deodorize, and remove wrinkles from fabric and clothing.
Fabric Safety: Can be used on most types of fabric materials such as silk, cotton, cashmere, linen, wool, nylon, synthetics, etc.
Design: Compact, High Efficiency
Model Code: GS29-BJ
Model Name: SALAV Steam Perfect
Water Boiler Material: Patented Aluminum boiler reinforced with a PP mixed with glass fiber casing
Chassis Material: PP
Chassis Color: Black & Silver
Hose Material: EVA + PVC
Nozzle Material: PP
Nozzle Width: 147mm
Water Tank Material: ABS
Water Tank Capacity: 1.9L
Steam Heater Power
-Setting 1: 300W
-Setting 2: 900W
-Setting 3: 1200W
-Setting 4: 1500W
Cold Start to Steam Time: ~45 seconds
Continuous Use: ~ 65 minutes (at 1500W, longer steam use for lower settings)
Auto Shut Off: YES
Power Requirements: 220-240V/60Hz
Steamer Dimensions: 300 x 270 x 1640 mm
Steamer Weight: 4.50kg
Boxed Dimensions: 395 x 318 x 340 mm
Boxed Weight: 6.00kg
A total of 6 design patents articulate SALAV’s commitment to quality and innovation. They are:
1) Water Boiler Construction related to the use of aluminum versus copper as a chassis material. Where extended use of steam from copper boilers stains clothing with a verdigris tint, aluminum offers no such drawbacks. What’s more, the boiler has been especially designed to produce steam in roughly 45 seconds resulting in an efficiency increase over competitors by about 80%.
2) Extendible-Collapsible Clothing Hanger which offers steaming convenience by adjusting to the shoulder width of your shirts, suit, sweater, and other tops. This makes steaming faster and more pleasant.
3) Side Drainage Plug is a patented safety feature superior to previous generation garment steamer which features drainage plugs located on the bottom of the unit. Opening bottom plugs afford the risk of scalding your hand as gravity pulls the steam-heated water on your skin whereas SALAV’s patent side drainage plug keeps your hands safe.
4) Dual Material Hose Construction through the use of PVC and EVA keeps the steam inside the hose very hot, but the outer surface of the hose cool to the touch. Innovation through the combination of efficiency and safety.
5) Next Generation Steam Nozzle features a clothing iron-like surface without the dangers of burning your clothes. Take a look at the nozzle head and you’ll notice its slippery surface. That’s neither iron nor Teflon which is found in traditional clothing irons. The nozzle surface is actually engineered polymer which means extended contact with clothes won’t leave scorch marks.
6) Tiny Ironing Board Accessory for those hard to iron or steam areas like shirt collars. Simply place the tee shirt-shaped mini-ironing board behind the collar and place the steam nozzle on top of the collar for a wrinkle-free pressed look.
l 4 settings for greater control of steam output. This allows for greater precision when dealing with different fabrics and their different heat thresholds like wool, silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, polyester, synthetics, nylon, etc.
l Assemble the complete unit in less than 3 minutes! Fill the tank with water. Plug it in. Begin.
l Easier than ironing, and requires less time too. Never have to pay expensive dry-cleaning bills again. Removes odors easily and freshens clothes effortlessly.
l Comes with an easy lift handle water tank for convenience and 1.9L huge tank volume to provide you with hours of continuous steam.
l Ideal for professions where a uniform or a professional appearance is required: law enforcement, customer support, banking, law, teaching, retail sales, etc.
l Can also be used on children’s items and toys; curtains, beds, or other furniture one touches regularly to kill germs in order to keep your family healthy.
l Garment Steamer
l Folding Extendable Hanger
l Fabric Brush
l Pants Press
l Gloves
l Tiny Ironing board
l Holding Nips
Q: I’ve noticed that the GS-29-BJ and GS16-DJ feature the same power output in terms of wattage. Why then are their dimensions different?
A: Part of the reason for the size difference comes from the fact that the –DJ models feature single steam settings for convenience while the –BJ models feature multi-steam settings for control. So the bigger models need more inner space to contain the large circuit board. Another reason for the size difference is consumer demand. We’ve been told that some want greater portability while others want a greater wheel base for stability.
Q: Which one is better, an iron or a garment steamer?
A: There are some that swear by irons and they are others who cannot live without their garment steamers. However when you spend some time on the Internet reading articles related to “irons vs garment steamers” the same points are generally raised. That is, using a garment steamer is faster and more convenient. They also point out that garment steamers are safer on your clothes compared to the fabric burning that happens often with iron-use. In fact, the only area which irons have a distinct advantage is the ability to produce crisp creases in pants and shirts.
Q: Why are garment steamers more expensive than conventional irons?
A: It really has to do with the components. An iron is basically electricity applied to an iron plate. In more advanced irons where a water tank is built in and there are complicated settings along with a coated surface, the price can approach and often exceed the price associated with garment steamers.
Q: How much steam can I produce?
A: You can easily produce over 1 hour of steam with the SALAV GS29-BJ at maximum power. At lower power settings, you can easily produce hours of steam. If you run out of water, the unit automatically shuts off. In which case, simply refill the water tank and power ON the steamer to resume steaming. It’s that easy. Or simply refill the water tank as the unit is in operation.

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